Solved plumbing and heating problems

At Plumbing Services Near Me we provide quality service all around Bristol. Every day we are called out to solve plumbing and heating problems in our customer’s homes. Take a look at some of the recent jobs we have carried out.

As seen on our front page, we were called out to address a leaking sink, which was damaging the counter-tops inside our customer’s home. As they could not locate the leak source, but could only see water trailing away, they needed our help in stopping the flow.

They called our plumber Bishopston, who were able to examine the entire sink area, and found the leak source just underneath a tap head. At that point our plumber was able to determine whether the tap head needed fixing or replacement altogether.

In another recent case, a customer called us after being concerned that water was collecting in the sink despite being drained. This was causing a foul odor around the house, and several attempts using a plunger had not produced any discernible results.

Our customer called us for assistance. We suspected a a drain blockage, and after inspection, were able to unclog it using specialist tools in the same visit.

We also assisted with cleanup of inside residue from the drain, and advised our customer of methods to keep her drains clog free in the future.

Another set of customers called us out on a boiler-related query after explaining that their shower wasn’t getting hot enough. We traced this problem to the lack of maintenance to their boiler.

After upgrading a few parts in the central heating system during the visit, our customers reported a much better shower experience afterwards.

If you need assistance with any of your sinks, taps, drains, etc, call us today and we will be out as soon as possible.