Frequently asked questions

Our most frequently asked questions will help you understand the services we provide.

What are the qualities you need in a plumber?

You need a reliable and knowledgeable plumber who is flexible. Ensure they have a licence, particularly in gas and freshwater supply. You also want a plumber who is insured against accidents. Check whether they provide a 24-hour call-out service and are available for emergencies.

What should I call you about?

From our experience, customers call us with complaints about leaks, damage to sinks and bowls. They also requests upgrades, installations, and maintenance of appliances.

Look out for signs of problems before calling us. Any abnormal flows of water could be indicative of a leak. Try and see whether you can identify the source, then call us.

Likewise if you notice any looseness in sink fixtures, call us so that we can repair the damage. Be vigilant and call a plumber whenever you notice something wrong.

How can I avoid wasting water?

Always be vigilant when it comes to toilets. Older properties in particular can be susceptible to leaks, faulty handles, and issues related to the toilet cistern. To avoid further damage call us today.

Since many of the problems described above involve water, be careful with the amount of water you use. For example, a leaking toilet can cost you several hundred litres of water.

What are some of the most common plumbing problems that I will face?

Don’t leave taps running for lengthy periods of time, regularly clean all household taps to ensure good hygiene. Be careful not to put grease and other solid foreign matter down your drains.

Don’t leave leaks until the last minute: as soon as you notice water trickling away even though the tap has been closed, identify the source and call a On Call Local Plumber Bristol.